Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Current-Story June 2010

Jonny Lang Live By Request Tour

So I have this list of questions that I put together while doing a little research on Jonny Lang as I prepared to interview him for this story about his upcoming concert at GUTS Church in Tulsa. Unfortunately, the interview was postponed and rescheduled so many times by Lang’s management that, ultimately, it had to be cancelled altogether. But I still have my list of questions. And these aren’t just run-of-the mill, variation on the same subject, heard it a thousand times-type questions, either. These questions go for the throat. They peel back the layers. They look straight into the soul. So instead of giving you the usual Wikipedia special, I’ve decided to rate my questions, take the top three, and show them here, along with a brief explanation of why I asked the question, and with two answers: What I think Jonny Lang would say, and what I wish he would say.

3. Q: How old were you when your voice changed? I have to ask because, as we all know, Jonny was known as a bit of a prodigy in the blues-rock world, coming along at the age of 15 and sounding like he was 40.

What I think he would say: Probably 12, just because that’s when, according to Wikipedia, he fronted his first blues band.

What I wish he would say: Two years old. Because babies with grown-up voices are funny. You’ve seen Little Man, right?

2. Q: If your sister had won American Idol, became world-famous overnight, and suddenly was offering you an opening slot on her stadium tour, wouldn’t you want to knock her around a little, not anything too rough, just brother-sister style? I ask this because I read an interview where Jonny spoke about how proud he was of his sister, Jesse Langseth, who was a semi-finalist on the show, and I have a theory that any musician who has paid his or her dues harbors a deep resentment toward the contestants on that show.

What I think he would say: Oh, no, I’d just be so proud of her. I’m already proud of her, and I’d happily open for my sister. (Jonny Lang opens for everyone).

What I wish he would say: I smacked her around a little just for doing the show.

1. Q: Is it possible that you pulled a Robert Johnson, sold your soul to the devil in exchange for the life of a bluesman, and are now making gospel records in the hopes that you will be fast-tracked into heaven without anyone noticing you don’t have a soul? I ask this question because over the last few years Lang, who is a Christian, released the gospel-influenced album, Turn Around, and has spoken openly about his faith, and because, you know, it’s the blues, man.

What I think he would say: People can be skeptical, but God will be the ultimate judge.

What I wish he would say: I’ll give you a million dollars not to print that.

Find the answers yourself when Jonny Lang brings his sinfully beautiful voice and blues guitar to GUTS Church on Saturday, June 12, for his Live By Request concert at the Tougher Than Hell bike rally and classic car show to benefit Haiti earthquake victims. For ticket information visit or

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